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It's time to live your best mom-era with energy & confidence!

Girl, I get it!

Between packing lunches, running to baseball practice and trying to get dinner on the as a mom is busy! You're feeling pulled in a million different directions, and not one of them is towards you.

If you feel like you're losing yourself and aren't sure how to get her back...I've been there. And don't worry, I've got you.

Join hundreds of other moms who are done hiding behind busy schedules and living a fraction of the live they were meant for. With powerful, life-giving community, expert nutrition coaching and attainable workouts, Fit Mom Society will literally transform you into the best version of yourself that you've ever been!

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How Fit Mom Society Works:

Start your journey with "Back to Basics"

Every FMS member starts with the 6-week program, "Back to Basics". This group intensive will lay a sold foundation with a focus on proper nutrition, movement & accountability.

Stay consistent as a member of The Society

After you've rocked the Basics, it's time to transition into the The Society, the monthly FMS membership. Girl, trust me -this is where the magic happens with consistency & accountability!

Dig deep with your personal coach!

Get personalized attention and focused accountability with a trained FMS 1-on-1 coach, and take your goals to the next level!

Hear what FMS Members have to say:

"On top of losing weight, I have gained confidence in myself, and my ability to focus on what is important with my nutritional health as well as my mental health."

"I haven't been able to wear jeans in the last 3 years. I can officially say I fit into all my jeans and shorts!"

"You get more with Whitney than just a nutrition coach. She looks at all aspects of your health, and for me, that has been life changing."

"I would've never had the confidence to do this on my own. Whitney gives you all the tools you need to reach your goals. "

"Whitney has taught me to view food as fuel, and it changed my perspective on eating".

A community for busy moms who are ready to transform their lives and get back their sense of self!

Weekly workouts - no equipment required!

Attainable 10 minute workouts for all fitness levels (beginner, intermediate & advanced)

Weekly Group Coaching!

Join Whitney Williford each week for expert advice, mind-set coaching, live Q&A's and more!

Encouraging & Life-Giving Community

Encouraging online community with other like-minded women and moms to help you stay accountable and supported!

Weekly Meal Plan

Weekly meal plan with healthy, budget friendly meals that includes calories and macronutrients

Access to 1:1 Coaches

Get personalized 1 on 1 coaching with an expert Fit Mom Society coach!

....Plus More!
Guest contributors, exclusive access to new programs & merch, private workshops, and more. We can't list everything here, but trust me...we're just getting started!

Meet Whitney Williford


Whitney Williford is a Christian, wife, and mom to two boys who grew up in a gym. Her mother has been a personal trainer her entire life, so health and wellness has been a major focus in her life. As she became a wife and mom, Whitney noticed that other women weren't motivated, felt terrible about their bodies, lacked intimacy with their spouses, and couldn't even fit their wedding rings on their fingers. She was inspired to help women reach their goals without restriction. Whitney has numerous certifications and years of nutrition education, and she is constantly learning to keep up with the latest studies.

Get a complimentary FREE week of Fit Mom Society!

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