Nutrition & fitness guidance for busy moms without the restrictions.

Nutrition & fitness guidance for busy moms without the restrictions.

Meal Prep Planning

Structured meal plans with healthy options, calories and macronutrients, recipes and grocery lists.

Nutrition Coaching

Group coaching and guidance to help you reach your nutrition goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Fitness Accountability

Encouragement, accountability and tips on the best ways to achieve your fitness goals

Monthly Meal Plan

Monthly meal plan with healthy, budget friendly meals that includes calories and macronutrients

Clickable Recipes and Grocery List

Easy to download, use and save recipes and grocery lists

Private Facebook Community

Encouraging online community with other like-minded women and moms to help you stay accountable and supported!

Guest Contributors & More!

Are you exhausted with constantly figuring out meals that are healthy and affordable?

The struggle is real, right? It seems impossible to find family-friendly meal options that are also healthy – but not anymore!

Are you overwhelmed with all the fads, yo-yo dieting, and misleading nutrition information out there?

Let’s kick Dr. Google, and your favorite Instagram influencer that doesn’t know your name out the door! Consider the source, and keep it here in Fit Mom Society.

Are you ready to feel energized, happy and confident in your own skin?

This is the ultimate goal! When you’ve reached this milestone in your mindset, it’s a total game-changer!

Are you ready to partner with a woman that’s been in your shoes, and a group of guest experts that are committed to help you reach your goals?

Having a coach that is relatable, makes the conversation deeper, the goals more attainable and the results more sustainable.

The Fit Mom Society was created just for you! It’s time to stop making excuses and start living the healthy lifestyle you desire!

Check out what clients are saying:

“Best meal plan ever! Weight loss has been so quick following your meal plan!”

Check out what clients are saying:

Check out what clients are saying:

Check out what clients are saying:

“You get more with Whitney than just a nutrition coach. She looks at all aspects of your health, and for me, that has been life changing.”

Rachel C.

“On top of losing weight, I have gained confidence in myself, and my ability to focus on what is important with my nutritional health as well as my mental health.”

Rachel R.

“I haven’t been able to wear jeans in the last 3 years. I can officially say I fit into all my jeans and shorts!”

Susan S.

Check out what clients are saying:

“I would’ve never had the confidence to do this on my own. Whitney gives you all the tools you need to reach your goals.

Caitlyn P.

“Whitney has taught me to view food as fuel, and it changed my perspective on eating”.

Whitney is an exceptional nutrition coach. I would recommend her 5 out of 5 for all your nutrition needs.”

More Ways to Work with Whitney

Meet Whitney:

Whitney Williford is a Christian, wife, and mom to two boys who grew up in a gym. Her mother has been a personal trainer her entire life, so health and wellness has been a major focus in her life. As she became a wife and mom, Whitney noticed that other women weren’t motivated, felt terrible about their bodies, lacked intimacy with their spouses, and couldn’t even fit their wedding rings on their fingers. She was inspired to help women reach their goals without restriction. Whitney has numerous certifications and years of nutrition education, and she is constantly learning to keep up with the latest studies.

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