A Society for Moms

Who Want More

Fit Mom Society was designed for busy moms seeking more for themselves! The programs were created to equip you with the tools to have more physical, mental, and spiritual fitness in your life!

No more loneliness & overwhelm with your health journey

The beautiful thing about Fit Mom Society is that everyone is on the same journey! Every FMS member starts at the same place with Back to Basics. This 6 week program ensures your success with fundamental fitness guidance, proper nutrition and encouraging community. You'll receive weekly workouts, nutrition support, group coaching and more. Back to Basics starts on Jan. 1st - register here

Transform with accountability & community

The more important thing you can do on your journey to transformation is to commit to a community and have accountability! Once a member completes Back to Basics, they enroll into The Society - a monthly membership for continued coaching, support and community. This membership unlocks your access to FMS 1-on-1 coaching - an invaluable resource to keep you on track with your goals and vision!

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Do I have to start with the 6 week program before I join the membership?

Yes! Learning the fundamentals of any new routine and lifestyle change is so impactful, and will set you up for success with fitness form and building a plate.

How often will I be working out?

The Back to Basics program includes 4 weekly workouts that are only 10 minutes, or less!

I've signed up, now what do I do?

YES, I'm so excited for you! Check your email a few days before the start date, typically 2-3 days before. You will be prompted to create a Might Networks username and password, then download the free app and join the community and program that you purchased. You will then have full access to your purchased program materials! he navigation design should communicate the relationship between the links it contains so that users understand the options they have for navigating the site. If you have any questions, please feel free to email wwillifordnutrition@gmail.com

Do I need any equipment?

Just yourself, your Mighty Networks login, a water, and enough room to lay down! These workouts require no equipment or special set up!

What is a 1-on-1 FMS coach?

A 1-on-1 Fit Mom Society coach is the next step to personalize and optimize your health and fitness! You get personalized attention and focused accountability with an expert who is committed to your results!

Personalized Attention:

1:1 nutrition coaching provides individualized attention, allowing the coach to tailor advice specifically to your unique needs, preferences, and goals. This personalized approach ensures that every aspect of your nutrition plan is crafted with your individual circumstances in mind.

Focused Accountability:

In a 1:1 setting, the accountability factor is highly focused. The coach is solely dedicated to your progress, tracking your progress to the nutrition plan, addressing challenges, and providing timely adjustments. This focused accountability enhances your commitment and increases the likelihood of achieving your nutrition and fitness goals.

Deeper Understanding and Connection:

With 1:1 nutrition coaching, there's an opportunity for a deeper understanding of your lifestyle, habits, and challenges. This deeper connection between you and the coach fosters a more comprehensive approach to nutrition. The coach can better identify root causes of any issues, offer targeted guidance, and build a stronger, more supportive relationship throughout your wellness journey.

Meet Whitney:

Whitney Williford is a Christian, wife, and mom to two boys who grew up in a gym. Her mother has been a personal trainer her entire life, so health and wellness has been a major focus in her life. As she became a wife and mom, Whitney noticed that other women weren't motivated, felt terrible about their bodies, lacked intimacy with their spouses, and couldn't even fit their wedding rings on their fingers. She was inspired to help women reach their goals without restriction. Whitney has numerous certifications and years of nutrition education, and she is constantly learning to keep up with the latest studies.